Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Revelation 22:12-17

Today is Christmas Eve. If you are like me, Christmas Eve brings images of excitement – excitement to see what Santa Claus will bring on Christmas day. I submit this excitement is fine and normal, but I also submit that Christmas Eve brings another meaning as it is the last day of Advent.

As we know, Advent comes from Latin roots, meaning “coming.” Christians of earlier generations spoke of “the advent of our Lord” and of “His second advent.” The former refers to Christmas day when Jesus wrapped himself in flesh and was born of a virgin almost two thousand years ago. The latter is related to today’s reading. It is a call to us all to be ready to meet Jesus – ready for judgment.

In today’s reading Jesus says, "Behold, I am coming soon!” (verse 12). Advent reminds us that we must be ready to meet Jesus, and if we are not ready to get ready. We do not know the hour we will meet Jesus, but we all know that we will eventually meet him. If we are ready, Jesus promises a great reward, “My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done.” (verse 12).

The book of Revelation shows what will happen when Jesus returns again – His second advent. Judgment will be final and evil will be destroyed!! The season of Advent reminds us that this will occur and it invites us to be ready to meet Jesus. One day it will be too late, as the book of Revelation clearly shows, but the invitation is still open today. Let’s all remember the reason we celebrate Christmas. It is great to give gifts to family and friends, but remember the gift Jesus has given us.

May God bless you this Christmas season.

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