Saturday, January 31, 2009

Galatians 3:23-29

We are All ONE in Christ Jesus. All. No exceptions.
Let's see how many more "nor" sayings I can add.
There is neither rich nor poor,
Native-born nor immigrant,
Advanced-degree-holder nor beauty-school-dropout,
Mainline denomination member nor evangelical,
Catholic nor Pentecostal,
Gay nor straight,
Black nor white,
Diva soprano nor American Idol reject,
Single-family home-owner nor town-house dweller,
Net-savvy Apple techie nor PC-illiterate,
Lowes Island Republican nor Sterling Park Democrat,
Steelers fan with a Roethlisberger jersey nor Cardinals fan with a Warner jersey,
For WE are ALL ONE in Christ Jesus.
And any attempt to divide us along any line that anyone chooses is flat out wrong.
Could Paul be any clearer?

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