Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1 Timothy 1:18-28

It really shouldn't be surprising that St. Paul, in all of his travels all over the Mediterranean Sea, used the idea of faith as a sea voyage as a metaphor. If we think about this metaphor there are many things we can glean. First, If we are on a ship traveling on open water, we can determine the direction we want to go, but we have to work with the currents, the tides and the winds. We cannot control storms that may come, things that may make us cry out to God for help, for guidance, for peace. There will be storms in our life of faith. There are also many different destinations from which to choose - where will we go in our faith? What will we see, who will we meet? Will we choose to stay safe and only visit places we know, where we've been before? Will we only go to see old friends? Or will we venture out to new lands, to new people where things and cultures and people are so much more unknown - where we don't know how we will be received, we don't know what our experiences will be and we don't know what the outcomes are? How do we step out in faith - or do we?

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