Friday, February 27, 2009

Deuteronomy 7:12-16, Psalm 31, Titus 2:1-15, John 1:35-42

I have this vivid memory of myself as a little kid, maybe fouryears-
old, sitting on the couch, sobbing because my parents had
just left the house, and I was all alone. They were going to church,
and I had told them I didn't want to go, so they just walked out. In
my four-year-old mind, I didn't realize that they were standing on
the other side of the door, laughing. So I wasn't angry when they
came back in (obviously because they realized that I was really
traumatized and that was a terrible thing to do to a poor little kid
like me, and not because they just wanted me to come with them).
I just felt comforted that they were there; they were with me; and
they were willing to accept me again as though nothing at all had
gone wrong. I still remember what it felt like: that warm, blushlike
feeling that spread across my face, like feeling returning to
your cheeks after being outside in the cold. It was a burning feeling
on my face, but it wasn’t one of embarrassment. It was a feeling
of love and comfort, sort of beginning in the middle of my
chest and spreading throughout me. To me, that’s the feeling of
salvation. I believe that because it’s the same feeling I get whenever
I ask Jesus to come into my life again. Knowing that He is
there, present through my darkest times (as well as responsible for
my brightest) makes all of the difference for me. That is what God
was to David in Psalm 31, and that is what I feel He is for me.
The feeling of salvation is one of the most wonderful I have ever
-- JDF

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