Friday, February 20, 2009

I Timothy 5:17-25

We are all in our lives given things or people to care for. In this passage Paul again shows his love and care for the church. The church Paul is helping had been damaged by false teachers so Paul is here setting out guidelines to help the church in regards to its teachers and leaders.
Leaders were to be treated fairly. On the other hand, Paul says, no one should be ordained hastily.

Paul discusses a couple ways in which we are to be thoughtful and careful. Regarding the instruction not to “ordain anyone hastily” (v22), it’s easy to be tempted to quickly chose a church leader or to chose someone in haste just to fill a job in the church. Paul continues in verse 22 that we are not “to participate in the sins of others.” This is just as hard when we think of how we are tempted to conform to the world around us.

As we think of God’s love for all in the church let us pray for our church leaders, clergy and lay and all the ministries they lead. I thank God for the “conspicuous good works” (v25) and the many good works that are hidden (v25) which are done in the church.

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