Friday, March 20, 2009

Jeremiah 11: 1-20, Psalm 88, Romans 6: 1-11, John 8: 33-47

"…I count myself dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus." (Romans 6:11.)

I remember the scene in the movie The Mission when Robert DeNiro’s character receives grace knowing full-well the bloody weight of his own sin. He’s on top of the cliff, his burden has been cut free, and he begins to sob. Just sob. Tears of joy and pain flow down his face as his body continues to shake, absorbing the power and the awe of the moment. I remember tears of joy and pain flowing down my own cheeks as I watched that scene because I knew that I, too, had been forgiven much, had been drawn through grace to a life in Christ, and had been given the very presence of Christ Himself.

My jaw drops in gratitude that Scripture instructs me to count…to consider…to think of it as true that I am alive to God. That it does not demand the opposite – that I wallow in the reminder and weight of my sin. I am alive to God – alive to His grace and acceptance, alive to His delight, alive to His design for me.

Dear Father, I want this transformation. I want to be alive to you. Awaken and sustain in me the desire for You and Your ways. Remind me that service, humility and patience are of You. Remind me to love. Remind me that I am dead to my pettiness, my greed, my apathy, and my service to self above others. Let my heart beat with Yours in truth and goodness through your Holy Spirit. You are risen. You are alive. Thank You that You have raised me along with You. May I live in this truth. Amen.


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