Monday, March 23, 2009

Jeremiah 16:10-21, Psalm 89:1-18, Romans 7:1-12, John 6:1-15

I enjoy taking walks—maybe not as much as the other members of my family, but certainly more than most people I know, and certainly in good company. It seemed a natural course of action, then, to take my boyfriend on a walk once he had discovered that little bit of tree-hugger in me.

It was at the beginning of fall when we took our first walk, and so the colors of the trees were turning and their leaves were falling gracefully down to the ground. There was a light, cool breeze as we walked arm in arm down the paths through the woods behind my house, and afternoon sunlight was filtering in through the branches. At points we would stumble across a quietly trickling, clear-running stream, or patches of faint birdsong. We would sit on fallen logs in isolated thickets of trees and look up at the clear blue sky, watching the world pass us by as the seasons turned.

Those are the moments that I think of when I dwell on this select passage from Psalms, when I ponder the fact that God “built the cosmos and guaranteed everything in it”. I think of all the beauty of nature He filled the cosmos with just for us, and it leaves me in a quiet sense of admiration. More than that, though, I think of how His love has been “our lives’ foundation”; if I can feel so blessed and so loved by just one soul here on Earth, I find it hard to fully wrap my mind around what the love of our Creator is like. I do know one thing: it, like my companion, and like nature, is a true gift.

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