Sunday, April 12, 2009

Exodus 12: 1-14, Psalms 148, 149 & 150 , Luke 24: 13-35 , John 20: 19-23

Sometimes people believe that what is really important about Christianity is what Jesus taught -- his message, his words. That, however, is not true. What Christianity teaches is that the single most important thing of all is Jesus himself. That the events of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection as recorded in the Bible really did happen – THAT is at the very heart of Christianity.

It is because these events are true that we believe Jesus is the Christ, the one who is able to save us from sin and death.

It is because Jesus rose from the dead and really did appear to the disciples that we believe He can enter our hearts today.

It is because He really did deliver His followers from their fears and brought them a peace that passed all understanding that we believe His very real presence in our lives can do the same thing for us today.

It is because He really did breath the Holy Spirit upon his disciples so that they received the very power of God to transform their lives and their world that we believe our lives and our world can still be transformed by that very same Spirit, that very same power today.

It is because Christianity really did happen in Israel 2000 years ago that we believe it can continue to happen in our world today.

Yes, Jesus’ words are important. But even more important is Jesus himself, for it is Jesus who brings those words to life as he shows us the way and gives us the power to turn from the path of sin and death, to be free from the baggage of that way in the very real forgiveness He offers, and to live in a vibrant and robust relationship with God Almighty, the very creator of all that is. May we celebrate this Easter by dedicating ourselves anew to living in the power and in the presence of our risen and very much alive Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!


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