Friday, May 08, 2009

Colossians 3:1-11

When my daughters were little we owned our share of frilly dresses and shiny shoes. I enjoyed seeing them dressed up, but when they would resist I admit that I sympathized with them. I don’t enjoy stiff clothing either. I still don’t. I wear a uniform to work (styled like pajamas, so much so that when I leave the house I have to double check that I have daytime wear on). When I get home I trade that for an even more comfortable uniform; often sweat pants, faded jeans or soft sweaters. My favorite clothing memory is of $5.98 Levi’s jeans, not formal wear.

In today’s reading Paul describes our life in terms of clothing. Good quality clothing feels good. The labels of my favorite brands denotes softness and comfort. Paul says to us here that we have a new uniform befitting our new life in Christ. As the Message puts it, the basic garment of our new uniform is love. I experience comfort when I wear certain clothes. Likewise when I put on the uniform of love others experience comfort because it is God’s image that I am putting on. Like we shed unsuitable garments Paul calls us to shed things like evil desires and greed. (Greed for example comes in many forms of selfish behavior).

Verse 2 tells us to set our hearts on what God wants. What is my heart set on today? May I see my day through God’s eyes and so bring comfort to those around me.

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