Friday, June 05, 2009

2 Corinthians 9:1-15

As you will you also reap.

Whatever seed I put in the ground...that is a forerunner of what will germinate and grow and blossom and be harvested.

If I invest little care in what I plant...I can't expect prize-winning fruit.

If I give from the fringes of my heart...I'm not going to find the love of my life.

But...when I find what is lovely and good and can I not invest heart and mind and soul?

God makes a promise: he will bless our sowing, as we sow in good faith.

Paul had seen it in the churches he had planted. Do we not also ourselves look back and see the evidence of how God has blessed us through good times and hard times, to be sure later sometimes than we might have hoped, but consistently and faithfully?

I thank God for providing a church community that sometimes struggles but faithfully seeks to live into the myriad gifts that God has bestowed on us. The mission is larger than we are, and will remain so. That's why we are here, and why we need to lean on a greater power as we go forward. But if we're going to realize God's dream for us, we will need to be greatly invested, in money and time and in indescribable gifts that become dividend shares for the Lord's work.


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