Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Acts 5:27-42

What do you believe? Why do you believe it? Sometimes we don't really have answers to specifics of what we believe until it is challenged. Do we believe something enough to stand up for it? Or would we let others tell us how/what/ or why we should believe? Or even who to believe in?

In today's readings the apostles are brought before the Sanhedren and told what they could and could not say - or, in other words - what they could and could not believe. They had a choice, spare themselves or really stand up and be strong in their faith and take whatever comes their way. They knew that death was a possible outcome to their statements of faith - they saw the crucifixion of Jesus. And yet, they stood strong in their faith.

In a world where everything seems grey sometimes, no real right or wrong, sometimes we need to remember that yes, indeed, there is a right and wrong. It is wrong to be selfish with the gospel. It is wrong to treat others with disdain or contempt, no matter how much their personalities clash with ours. It is wrong to not give to those in need. It is very right to love God and to extend God's love to everyone we meet.

Sometimes we will be criticized. Sometimes even ostracized. But as Gamaliel said, if we are doing the work of God, we will prosper no matter what the challenge ahead.

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