Friday, June 05, 2009

II Corinthians 8:16-24

What really encourages you? I have been encouraged by the caring friendship of others, as when a friends shows concern about my children. On a deeper level, I am encouraged when I attend a church event and see the faithfulness of others gathered there, whether it be for worship or for service.

In today’s reading, Paul first comments on the heart of Titus. Paul as a “shepherd” cares about the church at Corinth. He is glad to see that Titus also cares about this church, having an “eagerness” for them. I can picture Titus waiting eagerly to see the Corinthians, as you and I wait eagerly to see dear friends. Paul realizes that it is God who gives this gift of faithfulness; he thanks God in verse 16 that God, being the source of all, put this caring in Titus’ heart. As I pray this reminds me to remember that God is the source of all.

In this reading Paul mentions Titus and others who are faithful to meet the needs of the church. I thank God for so many who set an example to me in their hard work and perseverance. Like Paul says, they have been “tested and found eager.” May I be faithful as well.

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