Friday, July 31, 2009

Acts 17:1-15

The book of Acts is full of great, exciting stories of God’s work being done. In response to these acts of God’s power Satan often tries to discourage Paul and his coworkers. One example is Paul and Silas’ imprisonment in yesterday’s reading. Paul writes about being beaten and imprisoned and adds that he suffers gladly for the Lord. But what about others who suffer for God?

In today’s reading Paul and Silas continue to Thessalonica to preach , resulting in an angry mob setting the city “in an uproar.” The mob searched for Paul and Silas and ended up at the home of Jason, who had offered hospitality to Paul and Silas.

Poor Jason. I am sure he got more than he bargained for in letting Paul stay in his home. It must have been frightening to be pulled from his home by the mob and being taken to the authorities.

I am thinking of the vulnerable ones, the new believers in Christ. Please pray for those who meet the Lord as a result of VBS this week and those who meet Christ in other ways. Certainly they are especially vulnerable at first to Satan’s attempts to discourage them, frighten them, make them think their new faith is irrelevant. Let’s all pray for protection for them.

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