Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Acts 9:32-43

It's always so amazing to me to read these stories of healing and resurrection. I can't even imagine them happening. While so many in our world suffer terribly from disease and poverty and so many lose loved ones to death, it is nice to think that healing can happen instantly and that resurrection does happen - maybe somewhere for someone. While when reading the Bible these things seem almost commonplace, for us, life just doesn't happen like that. Healing doesn't happen like that.

Some believe that healings and being raised from the dead do happen today. I believe they can, but for some reason, they don't. After all God is God and God can do anything. Why he doesn't do more, will always remain a question for the ages. My guess is that God is active in the world and just as active as He always has been, we just don't see it or don't notice it. We might not recognize that God is still healing, still delivering and still raising the dead. Maybe now it isn't always a physical death, maybe it's more spiritual now. Maybe we've been raised and don't even realize we were ever dead in the first place -I wonder if those who physically die are aware of it?

I think the answer must be for us to pay attention in order to realize what's happening and how God is working in the world and in our lives in particular. If we hear God call us by name and tell us to get up and go about our everyday work, do we even realize He's called us? Or do we somehow, all of the sudden lose those things that have been dragging on us, those bad habits, those doubts, those fears, those things which separate us from God and then one day just wake up and realize that those things are gone and we've been resurrected? The answer must be to listen and watch and see how God is in our lives and what God is calling us to leave behind and what He is calling us to get up and do.

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