Friday, August 07, 2009

Acts 19: 21-41

This passage describes yet another conflict caused by the spread of the Gospel. This time, silversmiths who made shrines to the goddess Artemis were concerned about the loss of income as people became Christians. A city-wide riot broke out as the silversmiths became enraged. God protected His people and the crowd dispersed.

In Isaiah 44 the prophet Isaiah points out the folly of a craftsman putting half a piece of wood in a fire then making an idol from the other half. It’s a passionate passage but Isaiah saw a vision of the real thing; God who filled the temple with His glory; a huge contrast to a wooden object. ( Isaiah 6 ).

What do I want from a God? What does God do that I love? He loves me, for one thing. He listens, feels and works. I think that since I want a God which is not created by me, I must trust this God that He is working in my life and the lives of those I love.

Many passages in the Bible describe our human propensity for worshipping idols. I think in these modern times people wouldn’t worship stone or wood images, but idol worship is even mentioned in the book of Revelation. Perhaps it’s easier to put our trust in what we can see; even if that means a future that we try to create for ourselves or something else that we put our trust in.

Even if I can’t always figure God out I praise Him for who He is.

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