Friday, August 28, 2009

Acts 28:1-16

I took Thursday's devotional to heart and used it to write this devotional about today's reading. I wanted to try and apply today's reading, about Paul's further travels to Rome, to my own life.

First, I am amazed at how willingly Paul went to Rome. He knew he would most certainly face death (although he did not know when or how, of course). Yet he put all of his faith in God and was willing to merely take everything as it happened believing it to be the will of God. Just reading about everything he goes through to get to Rome on this first trip is incredible. I could certainly see myself using any one of these misfortunes to turn around and go home. But Paul did not.

Second, I am struck by how Paul saw the good in everything. I think this follows on my first point. If you truly believe you are following God's will, then there would be nothing bad that could happen. Again, this is where I see how puny my faith is.

Third, you can see how God worked in Paul's life and in every step of Paul's journey. Every bad thing that was thrown into Paul's path was handled with what appeared to be seamless efficiency. Again, I see this as a by-product of Paul's faith. If you know for certain that everything will be as it should be and that the end result will be achieving your heavenly place, how could you possibly see anything bad?

But, yet, I see bad stuff everywhere. Just getting out of bed, getting ready for work and driving to work makes me fearful that the day will deal me with some situation I am unable or unwilling to handle. Before one hour of my day goes by, my faith is the farthest thing from my mind. I am overly dependent on myself, and no depending enough on God. I am fearful.

So, I am going to strive to be more like Paul. I am going to try and have his faith that God will take me where he wants me to go, safely. God will take all obstacles out of my way and I have nothing to fear.

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