Friday, September 04, 2009

James 4:13-5:6

“Wake up” James tells us here. The book of James has been compared to the book of Proverbs, containing practical paragraphs about how to live our life. Today’s reading is two different paragraphs. The topics are slightly different but I notice that both pertain to how we should “wake up” are think about how we treat others.

The first paragraph reads like a parable. People are making their leisure or work plans, or vacation plans. They’ve planned to travel or make money. James tells us, as we make our plans, to say, “if it’s God’s will.” In other words I should make my plans but be ready and willing to put aside my desires in case someone needs me.

The second paragraph reminds us about how temporary wealth is (sounds like the headlines) and to not oppress others or mistreat others in our desire to be comfortable ourselves. James describes stingy landowners who didn’t pay their workers. The cries of the workers reached God’s ears. I like thinking about God’s ears. When I deal with others today, what will God hear as a result? I thank God for people who have recently shown concern for me. As they have cared for and comforted me, God has heard. May I do the same and may good sounds reach God’s ears.

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