Monday, September 28, 2009

Psalm 102:11-22

What is God's ultimate plan for us on this earth?

During bible study last Wednesday this question came up after listening to Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson and trying to find God in the song. The problem was that this song wasn’t like the others we’d listened to that night. Instead of upbeat music showing us how we need to treasure God’s earth or appreciate each-other, this is a song about Annie, who is beaten and finally killed, completely alone without help from anyone. Where is God in that?

Certainly, God is present. He’s crying for our pains, and reaches to hold us when we do feel most alone. However, why doesn’t he do something about it?

Sometimes I just want to cry out to him that it’s unfair!

It’s unfair that you let my friends marriage fall apart, and cause so much heartache to their kids. It’s unfair that my friend was laid off and still hasn’t found a job. It’s unfair that my best friend has to move away just when I finally found the one person I could rely on through everything. It’s unfair that I work harder and harder, only to see someone else without the same responsibility, or even work ethic, make more money than I do.

What is it, you want from me when it seems nothing I do is right? Don’t you want me to be happy?

Then it hits me… Of course he doesn’t want me to be happy.

What God wants of me is to cause a change in his world. He wants me to live for others more than I do for myself. He wants me to love others like I love Him, and like I love myself. He wants me to save others so that they can spend eternity with Him.

Where does it say that the path to saving others is a paved road lined with roses and honeysuckle (I know it’s a weed, but I still love the stuff)?

The Psalmist is crying out to god through his suffering with a simple lament. Let the world find your glory as I continue to glorify you. He has every reason to cry out, and in fact, he does. He still focuses on God giving his blessing and helping those with less.

What can we do for someone else tomorrow, regardless of our own discomfort?


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