Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1 Corinthians 15:41-50

This reading in and of itself is a little confusing. Paul is really talking about Adam vs. Jesus. He says that through Adam, the first man in the garden of Eden, we have all been found guilty of what is called original sin. We all have sinned, following Adam's example. Because he and Eve were not faithful to God and thus thrown out of the Garden of Eden, all of their descendents live with the guilt of sin and are not welcome in the very presence of God. Paul is saying that through Jesus, all has been made right. Through Jesus we all have been given grace, not through anything we deserve or have earned but through the free gift of the love of God, we have been restored. We have been given entrance, once again, into the presence of God. Through Adam we sinned. Through Jesus we are saved. Through Adam we are outcast. Through Jesus we are restored and welcomed home.

Thanks be to God for the richness of his mercy. Thanks be to God that we've been given the gift of forgiveness and restoration through Jesus Christ. Thanks be to God that he loves us that much.

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