Friday, October 23, 2009

1 Corinthians 16:10-24

My son, who is a senior in college, wrote my husband an email this week forwarding one of those blanket emails that go from person to person. It said that we should treat people like it was their last day to live. It said that by doing this, our lives would be change substantially. I had seen the one that says that you should treat people as if it is your last day to live, but it seems more "in your face" turning it around. I like it. We need "in your face" pretty much on a daily basis to remind us to be civil, thoughtful, kind and, well, loving.

In today's reading, Paul models civility and love for us. He uses the opportunity of ending his first letter to the Corinthians in a very loving, initimate manner. Remember that this letter, while having much to do about love, was meant to chide the Corinthians who were not acting entirely as new Christians should. Paul used this letter to get them back on track, but some parts of the letter were stern. So, he chooses to end his letter in a way so that they are reminded that, after all, it's all about the love.

Christians should be the best models of love in the world. After all, that is what Christ tells us to do - love our neighbor as ourselves. Not just when we feel like it. All the time. Every day. Every person. Even our enemies. But, somehow, that commandment gets lost in the daily shuffle. We are too busy to remember to love.

So, maybe today you will receieve a reminder by blanket email. Love everyone as if you know, and only you know, that person will die at midnight. Even if you conciously do that for an hour, your life will be changed. Imagine if all of us did it everyday, without prompting - how many lives would be changed.

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