Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1 Peter 1:13-25

I've been thinking a lot about Father Rob's sermon on Sunday. The one where he talked about his "crisis" as a decision about his life... is he happy with it? Is he committed and came back with a resounding "I'M ALL IN!" I'm hoping that those that heard that sermon really take some time to think about that message - are you happy with it? Do you like the way it turned out? What do you need to do to be truly happy? Are you committed to God? How do you live that out? Are you ALL IN?

In 1 Peter I like so much the first verse of this passage - "prepare your minds for action; discipline yourselves; set all your hope on the grace that Jesus Christ will bring you when he is revealed." Are we prepared for action? Do we act? Do we act on that which is truly important? Are we involved in those things in the world that really make a difference? Are we All IN? Are we wholly committed to God and His work in the world in whatever fashion we are able? Are we a part of St. Matthews - is there more we can do to help, to really make a difference in the world around us. Is the work that we can do together as a community one that will make us finally feel completely satisfied and completely ALIVE - that feeling that like we are on top of the world for the first time? We finally found out niche, our ministry, our gift, the one that when we really give that gift back to God through ministry, we actually do make a difference in the lives of others and discover that our own lives have changed for the better? Are we prepared for action? Do we take action? Are we ALL IN???

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