Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Revelation 11:1-19

This particular section of Revelation, particularly it's ending always reminds me of the Indiana Jones movie - I think it was Temple of Doom. Toward the end of the movie he is tied up and the Ark of the Covenant had been discovered and someone opened it. He closed his eyes tightly as to not look upon God and a great force swept through the room and essentially killed all the bad guys and made them disappear.

Oh if that only would happen! I often wish that sometimes, just sometimes, the bad guys of this world would be swept away forever. This world can be such a depressing place. I don't even watch local news anymore - I can't handle all the reports of killing, gangs and violence. I suppose I shouldn't put my head in the sand, but my head gets depressed if I watch it. I focus much more on Paul's verse (read: my own way of justifying this) that says "whatever is true, whatever is lovely.... think on these things."

We could get wrapped up in all the wrongs of this world and all the violence or we could focus on the good, knowing that the goodness of God, in the end will and does prevail. Unfortunately it isn't always the way we'd like or when we'd like, but it does - and usually it's in ways that are so much better than we ever dreamed.

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