Friday, November 06, 2009

Revelation 15:1-8

>We experience in several ways in our daily life the feeling of freedom when we are “delivered.” It may be the bell marking the end of the school day. I remember feeling free, walking home with friends. It may be when the clock strikes five and we can knock off work for the day. It may be putting on our exercise clothes and hitting the trail for a walk or a jog, especially in these autumn twilights when leaves carpet the trail, the sunset turns into a moonrise and we can hear geese overhead in the dusk as we turn for home.

Our earth, too will be delivered some day. Today’s passage describes the beginning of the end of suffering for the earth, its creatures and its human inhabitants. Just like we feel a connection to Christians from the days of Jesus when we pray the Lord’s Prayer, the people who had suffered and conquered the beast (verse 2) sing another familiar song, the Song of Moses from Exodus 15:1-18. This song celebrates one of the great acts of deliverance in history; the deliverance of Israel from Egypt.

Psalm 107 describes the terror of a storm at sea and how God delivered the sailors. God saves the helpless. We will be delivered. We may experience small daily deliverances. God worked in history to effect a large deliverance; that of the people of Israel. But finally, all of history and our earth will be delivered.

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