Friday, November 20, 2009

Revelation 22: 6-13

>At this time of year, things are getting shinier. In the stores, the Christmas retail push has started. We are all attracted to shiny things. Glitter can be entrancing.

John, in this final chapter of Revelation is being shown the future by an angel. Angels are wonderful beings in Scripture. They come from the presence of God and yes, sometimes they are spoken of having shiny garments. They frequently have to say first, “fear not,” because they, well, scare people. They are impressive and awesome.

This angel showed John what would take place as the world we know would come to an end. John fell down to worship at the feet of the angel. Would the angel accept John’s worship? After all, angels are not human. They are special messengers of God. But wait! The angel told John. Don’t worship me! I am a fellow-servant with you!

The angel knew. We all serve God. Some of us are more- angelic? Shiny? Glorious? And some of us are plain. But God’s most faithful servants are humble in their knowledge that we all are equal and serve God as equals.

When I think of a humble servant I think of Harry and his potato soup. Harry was a wonderful, godly man at our church when I was a teenager. He was a good, loving, humble person who never basked in the spotlight. His family had the custom of having families over to share potato soup. There was nothing too glamorous about that but we all, as fellow servants, shared and served together. In humility as fellow servants, let us serve God together and worship Him only.

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