Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Revelation 1:9-16

This opening chapter of the Revelation to John is amazing. Just thinking about his vision I wonder how John must have felt when he saw all of this. How did it happen? I don’t think any of us know. He, like the prophets of old, was given a gift – a gift which most of us don’t experience. This particular passage is John’s description of Jesus “the one like the Son of Man.” It isn’t an image of Jesus I have in my mind’s eye. I guess most of us have a picture of Jesus much like what Hollywood tells us Jesus would look like in “Jesus of Nazareth” for example… A tall, slender white male with long brown hair and piercing blue eyes. We all logically know, however, that Jesus was not Anglo-Saxon, but middle eastern. That having been said, I think we all have a vision of Jesus in our minds – whether it be the one from the movies or maybe something from a famous painting. My favorite is the one of Jesus laughing. It’s easy to picture Jesus standing on a hillside feeding the 5000 or healing the sick, but I love the idea of Jesus laughing.

Whatever our own picture or vision of Jesus is, the trick is to keep that image of Him in the forefront of our minds as we go throughout this holiday season. Jesus is who we are celebrating and it is He who we focus our lives around. It is so easy to be distracted by the busy-ness of this holiday season and really forget that the entire reason we are celebrating is because Jesus has come and is coming into the world. If we can focus on Jesus in our lives and have our priorities revolve around him, we will indeed have a wonderful Christmas season as we once again celebrate the birth of our Savior.

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Anonymous said...

Saint Matthew's Devotion:

Your blog was truly readable and very good. I think you would like to know that indeed Jesus's hair was a dark blonde with a hint of red. Even Pontius Pilate described him in a letter to Caesar which, with all the other records of the Roman Empire is in the Archives in Rome. He did not look middle eastern as you would describe him today.

As to the "vision" it was far more real than that and John saw what he was talking about. It was as real as the computer keys beneath your hands. Saint Matthew in his account of the Transfiguration tells you that John the Baptist was indeed Elijah. That was not error and God does reincarnate certian people who continually work for Him.

John Ben Regesh
(John Son of Thunder)