Thursday, December 10, 2009

Revelation 2:8-17

>We live in an age where increasing numbers of people do not believe in a personal God who created us for a purpose that is very often at odds with our own . In such an age, one should not be surprised by increasing hostility towards people who proclaim the existence of such a God, and especially those who proclaim that this God has made himself known in Jesus Christ.

And so it should also not surprise us that in today’s reading the two churches we find there, which lived in a similar age, are both marked by suffering. To embrace the truth of Jesus is to embrace suffering because it is often to live at odds with the world around us. To embrace truth is to live it in a world that often prefers lies. It is to make sacrifices in a world that is devoted to constant gain. It is to change what must be changed in a system that is devoted to its own perpetuation.

This raises the question of where God is calling us to suffer for the sake of the Gospel. Where are we being faithful to Jesus at cost to ourselves?

Wherever it is, you can be sure if we are not suffering somewhere for the sake of the Gospel, we have not sufficiently beheld or grasped the Truth it so clearly and boldly proclaims.

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