Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Revelation 3:14-22

I've always thought the Prophet John's message to the church at Laodocea was the most interesting of any of the messages for the churches. The reason they are subject to punishment is that they are neither "hot or cold." In other words, they are lukewarm. They have been unwilling to commit wholeheartedly to a relationship with God. Interestingly, they haven't rejected faith or God either, they are somewhere in the middle. It seems from this passage, at least, that the attitude of not being sure, not making a commitment, not making a decision, is what brings judgment. How many people do we know like that? People who are good natured but just don't focus on faith, God, church and such? People who do good works but have not made a faith commitment. People who really aren't sure that God exists but do nothing to pursue a relationship to find out. They don't go to church because they "don't have time" or it just isn't important to them? The bigger question is, how many of us are that way? How many of us put our relationship with Christ on the backburner when we get busy? How many of us don't participate actively in church because the one hour on Sunday morning is all we have?

Are we in? Are we committed? Or are we lukewarm?

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