Thursday, December 17, 2009

Revelation 4:9-5:5

Revelation 4:9-5:5
As one who has been writing devotions for our website for 5 years now, I have become keenly aware of how often I find myself writing about passages from the book of Revelation. Though this a hard book to understand and therefore a bit intimidating to read (and write about!), we see in its repetition throughout the daily lectionary just how important the Church considers this section of Scripture to be.
Certainly one of the reasons that is so is because of the magnitude of the issues it addresses. For instance, one of the constant themes is worship. It is probably worth stopping right here and considering that for people who believe in God, there in absolutely nothing more important than getting our worship right. Perhaps that is why it is the subject of the First Commandment.

Today’s reading presents us with worship that completely engages those who are involved in it. It speaks on so many levels of active and wholehearted participation. In it a remarkable drama unfolds, and even more remarkably, we are invited to join in to what is taking place.

It raises the question, How is our worship going these days? Are we deeply involved in it? Do we appreciate the great drama of what God has done, what God is doing, and what God will yet do? Do we begin to appreciate the magnitude of the forces at work? Do we catch something of the privilege we are given to behold all this?

And not just to behold it, but to participate in it. Too often we approach worship tired, disinterested, without focus or expectation.. I hope today’s reading will give us all a renewed realization of how our worship is meant to be nothing less than entering into the very presence of God Almighty, and therefore how it can be—how it must be—so much more than it often is.

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