Saturday, December 19, 2009

Revelation 6:1-17


This passage from Revelation seems to reinforce the dark aspects of this Lenten season in which the days are still diminishing. The dark element of Christmas is perhaps returning to a conspicuous presence. The First Christmas occurred in another, but no less dangerous time.

A Dangerous Christmas?

It was no silent night. The displaced stable
Creatures crew and chewed and mooed and snorted.
A maiden moaned and gasped, strained to deliver
A crying baby, shrieking in the straw.
The little town was too spun up to sleep
As travellers swarmed the streets and filled the inn
Three to a bed, or bellies at the bar
That flowed with wine to make the landlord rich.
These were no kings, nor little drummer boys,
Only the scorned and leprous refugees
Of an empire backwater, pressed to pay the tax
Without a voice or vote--without a hope.
If there were heralds in the teeming streets
At midnight, their cry might be "Danger!
Mothers, hide your suckling sons!" as soldiers
Roamed and rousted, put them to the sword.
The truly dangerous One lay hid in straw
No gentle infant, not a friend to power,
Nor born to comfort, riches, life of ease.
Dare we let Christmas be dangerous again?
Exchange our safe, entitled holidays
For risk and sacrifice, for costly love?
Unlearn the sentimental tales of yule,
Learn new the Christmas mission meant for us?

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