Friday, January 29, 2010

Hebrews 10:11-25

I wonder if anyone else is following the Olympic torch relay across British Columbia, Canada. These past two days I have followed it very closely as it has gone across the interior of British Columbia.

When I was in college I lived there for three summers. Today, as I looked at the line tracing the torch’s path my mind went immediately back over the decades in which I have had ties with this beautiful land. As I view the map it is all so clear; the mountains, forests, lakes. I can see the dirt roads I travelled and lived down and the lake I swam in. I can see the faces of the Canadian friends whom I still know in the small community nestled in the sky and the mountains. I can picture us sitting in their yards, laughing together. Today, just looking at my friends’ hometowns on that Olympic torch map made me yearn. It is all written on my heart.

One day, God says, we will never forget what we are to do for God since it will be written on our hearts. I find that many things keep me from remembering what I read in Scripture or what God whispers to me. But when God writes them on my heart, I will yearn and I will remember. I thank God for the moments of remembering and I pray for God to keep writing on my heart and mind.

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