Friday, January 01, 2010

Revelation 19:11-16

>As I write this on New Years Day the world is silent. The world outside my window lies in a blanket of snow and mist. The household sleeps. Today’s reading reminds me of a dramatic movie scene where breathless silence is interrupted by the crash of a door, opening to reveal a hero and we know relief from what threatens us.

As our new year starts, many of us wait breathlessly for salvation. We wait for God’s intervention for us, our family, our hurting friends. Many times we have seen God intervene. We go about our life, meeting God daily and seeing Him meet our needs. We go from situation to situation and He always comes to our aid.

Today’s reading describes one of the final times when God reaches down on our behalf. We have read many like accounts in Scripture, yet today in reading this, we rejoice that Scripture says, one day, it will be the final time that God comes to our aid, and our life in eternity with Him will start.

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