Friday, February 19, 2010

Ezekiel 18:1-4, 25-32
Psalms 31, 35, 95
Philippians 4:1-9
John 17:9-19

I’m pretty bad at helping people that aren’t like me.

This wasn’t always true. I used to go out with our old church on Sundays to hand out sandwiches to the homeless. I remember working in the church basement to make a ton of bag lunches with apples, milk cartons, and ham and cheese sandwiches. We may have made peanut butter and jelly, too, but peanut butter is so gross I’m sure I’ve blocked it out.

Sometime after high school I got selfish. I stopped going around the city to hand out meals; I decided it was more “important” for me to help my friends. Sure, I felt bad about those people on the street, but I am busy. I barely have time for friends. So I should just focus on that.

How often do I think about those people on the street right now who haven’t had jobs for years. How about those kids in Jamaica I visited who lived with no water or electricity and had scrawny goats wandering their neighborhood that would become their dinner? Almost never.

Today, I worry a lot about our economy and the people I know who lost jobs. In reality, I am thinking about people like me. They’ve become the only ones I actually show that I care about.

What one, small thing is God telling me to do to help someone or some cause that’s important to me? Is it helping the family I adopted for Christmas that’s a single mother and her 4 kids living in one room, without space even for mattresses to sleep on? What is God telling me right now to start doing so that I can focus on people who aren’t just like me? What is He telling you?



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