Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Genesis 37:12-24
Psalms 45, 47, 48
1 Corinthians 1:20-31
Mark 1:14-28

I remember being dropped off at my dorm after a date and looking across the parking lot to see two figures silhouetted against the dark, and one took his hand and hit hard and violently the other in the face. I knew who they were, and I was outraged. There had been rumors that he abused his girlfriends, and now I’d seen it. What’s worse was the hypocrisy – he was a pre-ministerial student. A sense of “someone should do something” incensed me and even more so later upon finding out the entire incident had to be dropped because she wouldn’t press charges.

In Psalm 47, the Bible juxtaposes two emotions — joy and fear, and, oddly, one is the result of the recognition of the other: “Shout for joy, For the Lord Most High is to be feared.” Why would we be joyful because He is to be feared? One reason supporting scriptures tell us is because only He can mete out true and unerring justice. When that kind of justice will be realized, there will be great rejoicing!

One aspect of God’s justice was fleshed out in the coming of Jesus. Jesus left the world without excuse. He judged rightly good from evil, right from wrong. We have to trust that the rest of His perfect judgment will come and walk in confident, reverent respect. This brings a shout of joy from our lips!


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