Friday, February 26, 2010

Genesis 40:1-23
Psalms 40, 51, 54
1 Corinthians 3:16-23
Mark 2:13-22

As the mother of a young child, I spend a lot of time wishing my daughter would just listen to me and do what I’m asking of her.  Just put her coat on, wash her hands, take her medicine.  And the subtext here is always “because I love her, and I’m trying to help her do what’s best for her.”  But my daughter’s reaction, more often than not, is to ignore me.

And to be honest, I can understand how she thinks.  She’s trying to master so many tasks in her world that, of course, she wants to do things her way.  Do I always feel like picking up after myself or eating what I’m supposed to?  No.  Do I always listen to those messages God is sending me about what I should be doing? 

In the hectic swirl of life, I imagine I miss a lot more messages from God than I receive.  And I actually follow through on what He asks less often than that.  It’s a challenge, but a good one, to try to make myself listen more -- to God and to everyone I interact with.  It’s a challenge to really focus on what they are trying to tell me, and to try to do what I am being asked to do, even if it’s not easy, or not what I wanted to do. 

When my daughter refuses to get in the car because she’d rather crouch in the grass, delighted by the first robins of spring, maybe I should listen to her.  Maybe God is trying to tell me, through her, that my destination will still be there, but the return of spring each year is a miracle that should be celebrated at this moment.  Maybe He’s trying to tell me that the wonder of children, of these little moments, is what gives life its richness…because He loves me, and He’s trying to help me do what’s best for me.


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