Sunday, February 28, 2010

Genesis 41:14-45
Psalms 8, 24, 29, 84
Romans 6:3-14
John 5:19-24

“What is man that you are mindful of him?” (Psalm 8:4)

I think that is a wonderful question to ask. God who, as stated in the Psalm, created the heavens and earth, the moon and stars, decided to create us in His image and for his glory. Why?

I have recently felt completely overwhelmed with my schedule. Trying to balance school, work, sports, scouts, college applications, etc., is difficult. At times, I just feel neglected or as if I’m battling life all by myself. Also, at an age where one can question the purpose of life, I wonder who I am in the grand scheme of things. In the history of my life, what will I accomplish? Who will I impact? While life can seem to last, we are but dust in the course of human history and, even more so, the history of the world. My time here is barely significant. So, again I ask, who am I that God should be mindful of me?

I won’t even try to answer this, but instead I will celebrate in its truth: that God is mindful of me, that God is mindful of us. I think that is a very important thing we must never forget. While life can get overwhelming and frustrating and stressful, and we may ask why any of it matters and if anyone cares, we know that God does. And while we may seem insignificant in comparison to the heavens and earth and the moon and stars, I feel all the more special to know that God, who has power beyond belief, looks out and cares for me; that He is mindful of me.


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