Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Genesis 42:18-28
Psalms 72, 119:73-96
1 Corinthians 5:6-6:8
Mark 4:1-20

Today’s devotional reading includes the very familiar parable of the sower. Although I know very little about gardening, the message here is pretty clear even before Jesus explains the relationship to faith. Nature is very inefficient and redundant, but still tolerant of hostile conditions. It takes hundreds and hundreds of acorns to produce one oak tree, and it all depends upon where they happen to land after they fall.

When I look at my children I can see many aspects of my character instilled in them – some good, and some bad. Their compassion for others, their sense of humor, their sense of responsibility, and their intellectual curiosity are all probably good things. Their temperament, social graces, and patience when situations get out of control are obstacles that might prevent them from realizing their full potential.

After looking into this mirror God provided for me, I can see that during life’s journey I sometimes find my faith in rocky places, off to the side of the path, or even in the thorns; and so it becomes more complicated because the seeds of my actions are scattered all over the place with varying consequences. I just hope that the majority of my energy is spent planting seeds in the good soil so that the everlasting life promised by our Savior, Jesus Christ, is realized. However, it is God’s forgiveness for when this doesn’t happen that gives me the most comfort.


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