Saturday, March 06, 2010

Genesis 43:16-34
Psalms 23, 27, 75, 76
1 Corinthians 7:10-24
Mark 5:1-20

I worked at the Pentagon on 9/11/2001 when the terrorist crashed American Airlines flight #77 into the Pentagon, and 184 lives were instantly lost. The Lord blessed me that day by having a meeting that had been scheduled for the site of the crash relocated to Crystal City, so I was spared and can share this story.

The location of the crash was a part of my office, two of my coworkers were instantly killed and our executive officer, LTC Brian Birdwell, was severely burned over 70% of his body. LTC Birdwell endured numerous skin grafts and operations to heal his badly burned body. He practiced his faith as he and his wife turned to God everyday, and they held no bitterness in their hearts.

About a year later, when Brian finished healing, he went back to work in the Pentagon for a year and then retired. He didn’t have to return to work but didn’t want the terrorists to have forced him into retirement. Now that he is retired, he spends his time sharing his inspirational story of how God brought him through these difficult ordeals. In addition, he shares his many challenges from 9-11 in a book he wrote, “Refined By Fire,” sharing his faith in God and how he used this experience to bring others closer to God. He has been a real inspiration to me, and I admire how he lives his life demonstrating his Christian faith. As you reflect on Psalm 27, notice the similarities in how Brian lets Jesus hold his head above his enemies and how he sings joyously the melodies of the Lord.

“Then my head will be exalted above the enemies who surround me; at his tabernacle will I sacrifice with shouts of joy;

I will sing and make music to the Lord.” (Psalm 27:6)


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