Sunday, March 07, 2010

Genesis 44:1-17
Psalm 34, 93, 96
Romans 8:1-10
John 5:25-29

Today’s reading from Genesis continues with the story of Joseph and his brothers. Joseph has seen Egypt through 7 years of abundance and 7 years of famine. In today’s account, Joseph’s brothers have traveled to Egypt for the second time seeking supplies. Joseph grants them their provisions but, as they are preparing to leave, he has his silver cup placed into Benjamin’s pack.

The brothers left never realizing the valuable treasure they possessed.

In 2007, after being out of the public school system for 20 years, I returned to the classroom to teach second grade. To say that I had a learning curve to master is an understatement.

I was not completely unprepared, having taught at a private pre-school for the previous nine years. However, curriculum and teaching techniques had changed, and I felt overwhelmed.

During this time a song by Casting Crowns, The Voice of Truth, was out, and I can remember hearing it often on the radio. I drew strength from the words reminding me that there were those who came before me who seemed to face insurmountable tasks, yet they listened to the voice of truth and were not afraid.

I believed that God truly had a hand in my returning to full-time teaching, but I allowed my doubts and fears to take over. Like the brothers, not realizing the valuable treasure they possessed, I had forgotten that God had already equipped me to be a teacher. I just needed to take the focus off my doubts and to appreciate (and use) the gifts He had given me.


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