Sunday, April 04, 2010

Exodus 12: 1-14
Isaiah 51:9-11
Psalms:  113, 114, 148, 149, 150
John 1:1-18, 20:19-23

I am writing this Easter devotional at Christmas. Both my daughters are home from college. With them home, it feels like some essential element of the universe slips back into place.  But when they leave… it feels like it somehow falls out of joint once again.

Imagine a world where we never have to be separated from those we love -- ever again; a world where both emotional and physical distance, and the pain they cause, are a thing of the past; a world where our delight in the full presence of those dear to us is never broken or diminished. How we long for such a world! Could it be that we pine for such a place because we are created for it? That such a world is our heart’s true home?

In celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ at Easter, we are celebrating a love so strong, so fierce, so determined, that it will bring such a world into being. Death is the most powerful force we know, the one that is the most final, and the one that no one—no matter how rich, or wealthy, or powerful—has ever defeated. No one, that is, but Jesus.

At Easter we proclaim that in the resurrection of Jesus Christ God has, indeed, conquered death. Because his power is so great that He can break even the bonds of death, the day is coming where absolutely nothing in heaven or on earth will ever defeat Love again.

Of course, we can say “no” to this love. In matters of the heart, love always respects another’s choice. But who would want to say “no” to such a love? Who would not choose to celebrate such love for all it is worth?

And that is precisely what we do at Easter; we celebrate God’s love. We celebrate the fact that the day is coming when we will never again be separated from it, or from any of his beloved children who, by his love, are united together as one.

We celebrate the fact that one day we will never feel the pain of being apart from God and all those we love ever again.


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