Friday, April 16, 2010

I Peter 3:13-4:6

Imagine yourself sitting in a room which fills you with peace. The room holds several things you treasure or items of beauty; keepsakes, art or photos of loved ones, perhaps. You can sit with a cup of tea and look out the windows onto a peaceful scene- the forest? The ocean? You can write, or read, or watch the clouds go by. It may be sunny out, or (if you prefer) a soft rain or snow may be falling. The room is very precious. Its contents are precious as they seem set apart. To enter the room is a special experience.

When I read I Peter 3:15 , “in your hearts sanctify Christ as Lord,” I think of my heart as a room. Our hearts hold what is most important to us like our special rooms hold the things we cherish. In my heart, I hold Christ, the most dear thing I have. We have just celebrated Lent and Easter and have reflected on how Christ suffered and triumphed for us. I picture myself entering my room. I sit with Him, worship Him, and turn my life and my desires over to Him. This is what it means to me to sanctify Him in my heart, as Lord.

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