Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rebuilding a Commitment--It's Tough!

“The God of heaven will give us success. We his servants will start rebuilding” Nehemiah 2:20 (NIV)

We are a society desperately in need of the art of rebuilding. I’m not talking about houses and cars. We need to perfect the art of rebuilding relationships: rebuilding marriages and families and friendships. We need to learn how to rebuild hope and rebuild trust and rebuild our ability to make commitments.

The promise in Nehemiah 2:20 answers the question, “What makes you into a rebuilder?” Today: let this promise encourage you to rebuild an important commitment in your life.

Expectation - “the God of heaven will give us success

It is our relationship with God that grows us into expectant people. God is perfectly powerful. He is the God of all the heavens. He can accomplish whatever dream He puts in my heart. Success is a gift of God!

Dedication - “we His servants

Nehemiah said an encyclopedia full about what it takes to be a rebuilder in these few words. He had chosen to be a servant of God. Self-centered people never do a very good job of rebuilding. They may even think they have good intentions, but the truth is they become more rearrangers than rebuilders.

They try to rearrange to suit their needs rather than rebuild for God's glory.

Determination - “will start rebuilding

What’s the number one reason why rebuilding does not occur? Lack of determination to start! Who's going to start? In your marriage, with your kids, in your ministry. Say to yourself, “I will start” Come on, become a rebuilder! Stop relaxing, rebuild!! Stop retreating, rebuild! It may be a relationship, maybe a commitment. Determine to start.

Family discussion question: What’s one place where you could start to practice this art of rebuilding?

Children’s activity: Fix something together today with your kids. Make it something simple. Suggestion for non-repair types: make some pictures on your wall hang crooked and get the kids to notice them. Fix them together.

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