Saturday, May 29, 2010

Where Commitment Leads

Where did the commitment that Mary and Joseph made take this young couple? Their commitment lead them to Egypt. Because King Herod was trying to kill the baby King they had to flee their homeland. It wasn’t always convenient - all fun and games - to have Jesus as their son. Hollywood would have Mary saying, “I don’t feel like cooking tonight, Jesus here’s some bread and loaves, could you whip something up.” Or, “One of the kids is sick, heal them.” The truth is, their commitments made their lives better but not easy. Commitments are not always convenient!
Their commitment led them to a temple. The temple where they lost Jesus when He was 12 years old. They lost the Son of God. (Or they at least thought that they had!) Their great commitment led to a tremendous feeling of having let God down. Some people are afraid to make commitments because they feel they won’t be able to keep them perfectly. Let me set your mind at ease¼ you’re right, you won’t! But those who are afraid of stumbling never get in the race.
Her commitment led to being involved in Jesus’ first miracle. Mary was the one that encouraged that miracle! Opportunity is being in the right place at the right time so that God can use you in His way. You can’t always schedule God’s will, sometimes it’s just a matter of being available. Mary’s commitment made her available.
Her commitment led to the foot of a cross. Mary, the mother of Jesus, was there at the cross. Can you imagine the emotions that must have broken her heart? She knew that Jesus was God’s Son. But Jesus was also her son. She had nursed and cared for Him as a baby - and now He was being tortured on a cross. Trust sometimes leads to a broken heart. A broken heart over our own sin. A broken heart over those who reject Christ.
Her commitment led to the upper room. In Acts we’re told of the new church starting in an upper room. Not many people realize that Mary was there when that new church started. She saw the resurrected Jesus. She witnessed the beginning of His church that would change the world. In the end, her life of commitment led to a fulfillment of God’s promise that she could have never imagined.
Family Discussion Question: Where is your commitment leading you right now?

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