Monday, June 07, 2010


“I will never worship anyone but you! For how can I thank you enough for all you have done?” Jonah 2:9 (TLB)

“Thank you.” Those two words are incredibly significant and deeply spiritual.

One of the greatest skills we can develop in life is the skill of saying thank you. Nehemiah had obviously developed this skill. In chapter 3 of this book there are 3 important lessons about saying a simple “thanks.”

Be specific

Recognise the person. Say their name when you’re saying thanks. A thank you is a wonderful opportunity to let another person know how important they are to you. Also, be specific about what they have done. It’s one thing to say, “Thanks for dinner.” It’s better to be more specific, “Thanks for cooking the sauerkraut just the way I like it.”

Be sensitive

The best words of thanks recognise not only an action but the heart behind the action. Jesus showed this kind of recognition when he noticed a child’s humility, a widow who gave two mites, a woman who poured perfume on his feet. How encouraging it was to people as He looked beyond the bare bones of their actions to see and recognise the valuable attitudes of their hearts.

Be searching

Find ways to invite your mind to think about those whom you might want to thank. It bothers me that I often rush through life without taking time to thank those who have meant the most to me. Does that also bother you? I have a question written on my weekly schedule to force me to think about thanking people: “What 5 people will I write a note of encouragement to this week?” You might try something like this to help you to mentally search out those whom you want to thank.

Family discussion question: Who do you need to write a note of thanks to today? Take a minute right now to thank each person in your family for something they have done recently? Be specific. Be sensitive.

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