Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Romans 1:16-25

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel.”

I sometimes feel like I have a hard time saying that and being completely honest with myself. There are certain people I’m uncomfortable discussing my faith with. Around them it’s difficult for me to be open with my belief that Jesus Christ made me perfect when He died for my sins.

One example of this is with the guys on my ultimate Frisbee team at school. Of thirty men, I’m the only one that attends church. I enjoy playing ultimate and their company but they are not always eager to hear about “religious things.” When I’m around them then it is sometimes difficult for me to discuss why I act the way I do or why I missed practice because I was leading a middle school Bible study. I think this might be something that other people might struggle with too.

Sometimes I say that I don’t want to turn them away from Christ by appearing judgmental but other times I’m simply too scared to talk about it. I’m afraid that my teammates, friends I see on a regular basis, will judge me because of Christ.

I know this is not what God calls us to do and I think that the beginning of this passage makes it easier to step up and proclaim what Jesus means to us. Paul is not ashamed of the gospel because the gospel has power. Through faith in what the gospel says God grants us salvation. We get to spend the rest of time in perfection with God in heaven because of what the gospel says. Life-everlasting is something that I’m not ashamed of having and is something that I want for my friends. This verse reminds me of the power that God has and encourages me to be open in discussing that with others.

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