Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Romans 4:13-25

While I was reading today’s passage from Roman’s I was struck by the relationship between the law and faith. I’ve seen a comparison drawn between faith and works but this one is a different comparison with faith and adherence to the law. When coming down to it, we could place anything against faith and faith would come out on top.
I knew a person that told me they wouldn’t go to church but that it’s good for other people to go so they could learn to do what’s right. I think that this statement neglects the importance of faith that Romans 4:14 talks about. Our promise in Heaven is only true when we have faith in Christ.
This is something that I really need to be aware of when working at the church. Sometimes I catch myself planning events that don’t really work on developing relationships with Christ. Other times I have to review a talk and realize that the message was more about “doing the right thing” than it was about Christ. When I go about leading this summer my goal will be to help the youth grow in their faith and realize the promise that Christ has for us.

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