Friday, June 25, 2010

Romans 5:12-21

It is easy in this world to become cynical and jaded. In fact, I would guess that for those who work in an office setting, being cynical is almost fashionable. I don't think we realize what a toll that takes on our psyche. Frankly, I believe that is one of the reasons why folks just seem so darn tired all the time. Being cynical is downright exhausting. It takes the wind right out of your sails.

Today's reading gives us a great reason to pop out of the black hole of cynicism. In a nutshell, Paul tells us that while Adam's sin took us all down, the grace of God through Jesus Christ has the exponential power of raising all the more of us up. Sin - Bad. God's grace - exponentially better. Pretty simple. Hard to be cynical over that one.

When I think about those I know who are not just social cynics but who seem to be cynical to the core, they are typically not Christians. Or at least not practicing Christians. That is because not believing in the grace of God through Jesus Christ is a life of no hope. That's when you actually live your cynicism. I am just not interested in that kind of life.

Instead, as Paul tells us in today's reading, we have more than hope. We have God's promise of a life without end. He does not promise that our life on earth won't be trouble free. But he promises eternity. That sounds so much better to me than a life moping around the water cooler.

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