Saturday, June 12, 2010


If you haven’t learned how to celebrate you haven’t truly learned to trust God. Those who truly trust in Him take the time to celebrate what He is doing. Believers in Christ should not be unsmiling workaholics. They have learned to accomplish great tasks while still being able to enjoy life. Sometimes we accomplish a task only to find that we have become consumed by it, and so we cannot celebrate it.

Nehemiah was a leader who not only knew how to work, he knew how to celebrate. As he led his people to celebrate after they had finished the wall around Jerusalem he teaches us some important lessons in celebration.

Celebration grows out of worship.

Worship is one of the vital keys to personal joy. In the Old Testament they regularly celebrated in festivals and special Sabbath days. They intentionally built into their lives opportunities to celebrate God.

Celebration should be fun.

Sacred does not equal sad. Enjoyment, after all, is God's idea. And so Nehemiah includes in his celebration a great feast. There should be no one in this world who has a better time celebrating than those who know Jesus as their savior. We have something to REALLY celebrate!

The result of celebration is strength.

The joy of the Lord is our strength. Far from sapping our strength for “more important things,” celebration actually gives us the real strength we need to endure. Some people have the attitude, “Let’s wait until we get to heaven to celebrate. Right now we have work to do.” The problem with that is it doesn’t take into account the way God has made us. We need to celebrate what He has done in order to receive the strength to do what He wants us to do. If you feel like your spiritual gas tank is empty here’s your one word prescription:


Family Discussion Question: What has God done in your lives this last year that you need to celebrate? Personalise this devotion guide by taking time to individually write down your “celebration list” on the last page of this guide. If you have children that cannot write, ask them to tell you what to write for them.

Children’s Activity: Cut up some confetti or get some streamers, read John 3:16 and then throw them into the air to celebrate what God has done.

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