Friday, June 04, 2010


Read the story of the widow in Luke 21:1-4.
Two very small coins. Two mites, two cents. What could such a small amount buy? How could such a pittance be of any value to even a poor widow? It wasn’t enough to make a difference; to buy a meal or rent a room or purchase a robe. It was seemingly only enough to remind her of all this widow had lost, all that her life now lacked. Yet, they were all that she had. She lived in a society in which a woman without a husband was not allowed to provide for herself. These two coins had become her only security: all that she had left.
Two very large coins! Two of the most talked about, most adored pieces of money in all of human history. More valuable than the crown jewels of England for their impact. More rare than the rarest of coins for their teaching. What could these two coins buy? They earned the highest praise of Jesus. Jesus looked at this woman and saw not a poor widow, but a woman of wonderful faith. These two coins became her lasting legacy, summing up all that she had done right.
There is a hidden fear for many of us in the reading of this story. If Jesus commended this woman for giving all that she had, might He not also ask the same of us? He does! He asks us to be willing to trust Him with our all. And if He ever challenged us to actually give it all away, be assured that He would not stop meeting our needs. Can you imagine the reward of that kind of genuine generosity?
Jesus is teaching his disciples, then and now, an important lesson as He points to this widow. We tend to be impressed with the amounts that people give. God is impressed with the heart that we give it with.
Family Discussion Question/ Children’s activity: Make up a story together. How do you think God rewarded this poor widow when she got to heaven. Enjoy this by going into the wildest and grandest detail you can imagine.

Holy Land Stories: Widow's Mite from daniel riemenschneider on Vimeo.

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