Friday, July 30, 2010

Acts 2:1-21

First the drummer lays down the beat and then the music begins. As it builds, joy fills the room, in the form of song and dance. It feels like a current, a wave washing over me; as we join in praising God. I’m in church actually and Vacation Bible School has started for 2010. The energy makes the building seem to vibrate.

Why do we love VBS? Maybe it’s because anyone can join us. All ages come. Newcomers and long-time members get to know each other as we serve and help each other, in the name of reaching out to children. It feels like a big reunion and kids literally dance for joy.

Well, I guess it’s a taste of heaven when I think about it. Acts 2 tells us the history of these tastes of heaven; the Holy Spirit came and changed every gathering of Christians. The Holy Spirit, once experienced in bits at a time, now is poured out. Acts 2, VBS, mission trips all give us the chance to stand under the fountain together, and reach out to others and to say, “everyone come. Come meet Jesus.” Just think what our gathering in heaven will be like!!

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