Friday, July 16, 2010

Romans 12:9-21

Families come in all types and the word “family” means different things to different people. My father died when I was twelve years old but many people helped me along the way when I was young. Now, I live in a “typical” family (children, spouse and two cats). It’s nice to all be together. We cherish time together, as our children are away at college during the school year.

How does a family work? Hopefully , we encourage each other. We share chores. We talk things out and try to be patient with each other. We hope for the best for each other and especially as a parent, I pray, pray, pray.

Please read this entire wonderful passage. These verses make me think of how the love of God can fill a church body. Verse 10 says, “love each other with brotherly love” and I have seen many examples of God’s love in my St. Matthew’s family. This passage calls us to LOVE; by serving, helping the needy, helping strangers. It also calls us to love all people equally and be people of peace (sometimes hard in families). Our love is not to be confined to our family, but rather we are to reach out beyond our comfort zone with the love of Christ.

Please pray for those who will be leaving Sunday for the St. Matt’s mission trip to Nashville, that they will grow together as a family in Christ, and share God’s love with many.

These days I cherish this time when my family is complete. Likewise, I cherish spiritual brothers and sisters. Each help me experience God the Father.

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Victoria said...

Amen, dear sister!